Where Money Is Flowing Into Right Now…

After starting the week strong, markets are taking a hit today and are down nearly 3%.

Get used to it, I don’t expect it to be a smooth ride over the next few months. Most bear markets last 12 to 18 months, so odds are we’ll see plenty of moves lower before we get back to making new highs. 

That’s why I’m cautioning everyone from going “all-in” on either side of the market. 

In today’s midweek update, I detail why my Money Link strategy is perfect for this environment. We’re taking advantage of bounces and when the market pulls back, like today.  

I also review where money is flowing into right now…

In this mid-week update I detail whats been driving the market higher and why the money link is shining right now! I also give perspective on U.S. indices vs the rest of the world…

If you want more information on my Money Link strategy, make sure to watch this training

I explain in detail how the strategy works… and how it lets us profit when markets bounce or crash. 

Money flows into the best assets in the world… and flows out of the worst. 

My Money Link strategy capitalizes on this universal investing truth.