I’m Watching These Numbers Closely…

Today I’m back home in beautiful Miami. As you may know, I’ve been away but still able to keep in touch with you guys — staying up to date with current market trends during my travels.

This has allowed me to continue to bring you the latest market intel so we can continue to profit (even while I’m on vacation!).

Join me below as I look at the day’s risk off action — explaining why it’s all happening exactly as I told you it would. I’m also discussing the recent movements in the oil market my Money Link system predicted 2 weeks ago.

Little-known market quirk turned $5.1 Million into over $700 Million!

By the way, I’ve been using a strategy I call “Money Link” to neutralize most of the market risk we’re seeing right now.

It’s based on a mathematical fact with 96% certainty!

Take the Apple/Blackberry link, for example… As Blackberry declined, Apple stock soared! It didn’t matter what the market did during that time.

But how do I find these links? Glad you asked!

Today, I’m sharing my strategy with you… and my next training is about to start!

Discover the Linked Stocks strategy and start multiplying your cash.