A Tale of Two Markets

Guys, I think of this moment as the time of the “haves” and “have nots.”

We’re seeing some companies reach all time stock highs — the “haves” — and at the same time some long standing companies are really struggling during this crisis — the “have nots.”

If you know how to play this market, and you have the money to spend, the world is yours. That’s why I’m currently joining an emergency meeting of a group of professional traders to discuss today’s market and how I feel we can best accomplish our goal of market success.

Don’t let these crazy times scare you away. Any seasoned trader knows that it’s moments like these where market giants are born!

Profits You Can Time

To gain an edge during this market crash, it almost feels like you need to be able to predict the future… 

But what if I told you that WealthPress head trader Roger Scott has the next best thing? 

You see, hedge funds and even algorithms can be fairly predictable. When a few technical factors line up, you can be almost certain that the stock is about to be bought up by institutional investors.

And these three stocks just went “on the clock” and look ready to make a serious move higher.

Get the next move