What the Big Dogs of Wall Street Are Doing

The dog days of summer are definitely here. 

Waking up today in that mid-August heat felt like the definition of summer doldrums, if you ask me. But despite the ever-present feeling of lethargy, the market is still moving…

In fact, we just went through major corporate earnings, the market is acting crazier than usual, and the low volume movement is doing no favor to traders…

And with every movement so heightened in the market lately, I’ve seen a lot of shocking plays in the NASDAQ this week.

P.S. The little guys are leading a charge against Wall Street…

And they’re opening up opportunities to strike it rich — even if you aren’t a trading expert!

For the first time in trading history, the balance of power has swung in another direction. Retail investors could have just as much potential to move the markets as Wall Street.

The “Robinhood Effect” could forge a new path for everyday traders… giving them the potential to see gains upward of 339% every single week.

In just a few minutes, Roger Scott is revealing exactly how you could make the most of this opportunity… and more.

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