One Chart Pattern Every Trader Needs to See

Over the past several months, WealthPress head trader Roger Scott has been picking the strongest stocks and sectors to help his viewers ride out the current economic storm. But today, I’ve asked him to come on Joy of the Trade to do something a little different.

The reason for that is simple: One of his favorite chart patterns is setting up right now. 

He calls it the “Inside Day Pattern,” and it’s perfect for times when the stock market begins to consolidate after making a brand-new high. 

If you haven’t gotten your fill of Roger yet, I want to tell you about these crazy gains Wall Street expert Adam Sarhan has been sending him. 

In fact, Roger was so intrigued, he had former hedge fund insider Lance Ippolito take a deeper dive into these trades to try to figure out the “Alpha Line” Adam has discovered… 

Apparently, the “Alpha Line” has produced some serious gains, like 179.17% from Wayfair, 1,246% from Domino’s and 2,422% from Fastly — all in just 24 hours!

And now… there’s ONE trade approaching the “Alpha Line” in a few days that could pay out MASSIVE gains to YOU.

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