Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Trading Success?

As we make our way into another trading week, I thought it might be beneficial for all of us to take a step back from this heavy duty market and dissect some of the craziness we’ve seen happening so far in the month of September.

That’s exactly what I’m doing in this Joy of the Trade: Weekend Edition!

Join me below as I reflect on market volatility in the early days of this month and explain what kind of self discipline you can put into effect to make sure you are not standing in the way of your trading success!

This unusual market phenomenon has offered early adopters a chance to see gains like $12,870, $13,590, $20,380, and even helped me make $1 million in only 30 minutes!

Guys, I call this strategy Money Links and it could allow you to collect safe profits again and again… even when a stock you’re trading sheds 80% of its value.

When two stocks become “Money Linked,” it doesn’t matter if they go up, down, or sideways  you could still get paid!

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