Global Market Outlook Struggles as We End This Trading Week

As we come to the end of another trading week, the global market outlook is mixed, leaving many investors a bit shaken up.

Certain countries are starting to see a rise in coronavirus cases. This new information has a lot of investors concerned. Of course, the market has a keen eye for such hesitation.

On top of this, the U.S. jobless claims released Thursday emphasized that broad economic damage is still ongoing as 860,0000 more Americans applied for unemployment benefits — slightly below last week’s 884,000 claims.

If central banks don’t deploy another round of stimulus soon, it looks like the global market outlook could start to falter… 

… But is handing out wads of cash to U.S. citizens and companies the right move for the U.S. economy? With the previous round of stimulus checks adding another $2 trillion to the already bulbous U.S. deficit, how long will this “hand out” really be costing U.S. taxpayers? Especially considering that U.S. citizens are still paying off debts the nation accrued over 50 years ago!

While the world waits to see what surprises the coronavirus will produce next, and the U.S. debates whether to add another $2 trillion to its ever-growing deficit, the market sits back and watches for a signal on which direction it should pounce next.

As for this investor, my gut is telling me that we still have a couple bumpy months ahead of us. I don’t think we’ll see certainty until after the upcoming U.S. presidential election. And we might even see some confusion in the weeks following said election too.

The good news? Once election excitement starts to wind down, I think we’re going to end the year in a pretty good position. Only time will tell…

Join me below as we dive further into the global market outlook and more, including my thoughts on TESLA, the oil markets, and how I think investors like you should be looking at the data coming out of Wall Street.

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