Here’s How You Could Profit From the Video Game Wars…

Believe it or not, sometimes playing the stock market can be just as fun as playing one of your favorite video games. And every once in a while the two manage to combine. That’s when you know you’re in for a really good time!

I’m afraid I missed the video game boat when it came around the first time. Sure, they had video games in my younger years and, even though Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt were a lot of fun, they don’t compare to our current video game wars and what this massive industry is bringing gamers today.

The Video Game Wars Begin…

In the good old days, video games were a giant wooden box at your local pizza shack or arcade that cost a quarter per game. And with the convenience of the home console, like the Atari and Nintendo Entertainment System taking off in the early 1980s, the industry was off and running.

Pong and Pac-Man were the first of many digital explorers to wade into the video game vastness, but with the quick adoption of systems like the NES and SegaGenesis, we would be led into a new decade of such favorites as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the lesser-known but still classic PaperBoy.

But it didn’t end there. Far from it! We would still have things like the Mortal Combat franchise to look forward to! We were heading into the age of the “first-person shooter.”

As we entered into the 21st Century, we saw franchises like Call of Duty and Halo take off. The Playstation and Nintendo 64 consoles were soon overtaken by more powerful systems with better graphics and higher capabilities such as the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

As the years rolled by, each of these consoles solidified itself within the gaming community and, as their popularity grew, the next-generation of the video game wars began.

Phew… for a lifespan of about 40 years, there has been a lot going on in this industry! To take the distant jump from a boy standing at a giant box with nothing but a red button and joystick to the fully immersive VR experiences gamers can have today, there is no doubt this industry has come a very long way.

I look back at my early years and sometimes regret missing out on the rise of video games. But today, I’m finding another way to get aboard the video game boat and, to tell you the truth, I’m having more fun playing this industry than I would have playing an actual video game.

Stock market expert and good friend Jeff Yastine (I call him Jeff No. 2) is joining Joy of the Trade today to dive into the video game wars topic further. Jeff will review this ever-evolving industry and let you in on his insights, and how we can all hop aboard and sail the video game boat all the way to the bank!

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