Could Trump Be America’s NEW ‘Comeback Kid?’

During the Bush-Clinton presidential race in 1992, Bill Clinton made a famous speech in which he proclaimed himself “The Comeback Kid.” This week, America finds itself a new “Comeback Kid” as current President Donald Trump touts he has beaten the infamous coronavirus and is now back to the Oval Office to continue his presidential duties.

The news that Trump had been moved to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment relating to the coronavirus left the markets in a panic last week, as many investors couldn’t help but wonder what else might be thrown at them!

With the news that Trump has made his way back to the White House, where he is spreading the word that he is not only cured but potentially immune to the virus, how will investors and Wall Street fat cats react?

Join me below as I sit with WealthPress head trader Roger Scott for our weekly roundtable session. Today, we’re diving into his recent market updates and discussing how we see the election playing a part in your investments — and all of our lives!

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