Mr. Smith, Stay Away from Washington!

Some jobs manage to get a bad reputation within the public eye… It’s a common misconception that people who dedicate themselves to be a lawyer or used-car salesmen are out for one thing and one thing only… themselves!

Another profession that has years of bad publicity surrounding it is one that’s getting a lot of attention lately… Yes, I’m talking about your (not-so) trusty politician.

With 24/7 news coverage of the U.S. presidential race thrown in our faces, you can’t help but get wrapped up in these people and their stories. Many stories end with some sort of hopeful message and a promise to the long line of voters that, if elected, they will be able to fix THIS issue or THAT problem… 

But when voters finally make their selection and put their faith in these individuals, often enough, they fail to follow through. George H.W. Bush said — to thunderous applause — in the early 1990s, “Read my lips. No new taxes!” 

Guess what, he implemented new taxes. This is but one example of the many reasons why people find themselves not trusting politicians and what they stand for.

This is not a problem specific to today’s “all news, all the time” society, though. Political struggles have been around forever and I don’t see them going away anytime soon (especially during this election cycle!)

So why do I bring this up?

Last week we were thrown a major curve ball when it was announced that President Donald Trump had contracted the coronavirus and was being moved to full-time care. The markets reacted poorly. Today, Trump is back in the Oval Office with what appears to be more energy than ever, ready to take on Joe Biden.

Trump’s health doing a complete reversal gave investors renewed hope for a stimulus and, therefore, the markets went up. But even if this stimulus is delivered to the public, does anyone think all of these men and women working on this front are doing it solely for the good of the people? 

There may be many that are, but one can’t help but wonder how many others are making more of those “false promises” just to gain the trust of their supporters and get reelected. Only then to put said promises back in their pocket for another four years, ready to be pulled out at the most convenient time for them. 

And when the time comes for the government to actually do something and act on their word, who do they turn to? They turn to you and me… to pay more taxes. We pay, and they profit.

If you haven’t interpreted my cynical tone, it’s my opinion that many Americans find themselves turned off by the government entirely. And since, in the end, the people’s thoughts and actions are reflected in not just the government, but on Wall Street too, it’s no surprise that, during this uncertain time, we’ve had such uncertain markets. 

People are scared, and rightfully so.

Today, I want to lay out my cynical thesis and explain to you why I fall back on such thoughts from time to time. Join me now to dive into today’s markets and how they reflect the current American spirit. Maybe you can help me believe once again that Mr. Smith can go to Washington and, this time, make a difference!

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