2 REITs You Need in Your Portfolio Right Now

It’s easy to see why investors and traders flock to the best REITs to buy now… 

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) offer reliable and growingincome streams with market-beating returns. They give huge amounts of cash to shareholders and produce yields that squash what the average S&P 500 companies offer. 

However, the coronavirus pandemic has quickly changed that opinion… 

With non-essential businesses closing and severely limiting in-person interactions, many people are unable to pay their rent and are filing for bankruptcy, leaving landlords with lost income and potential rent extensions. 

As you could imagine, it has had a negative impact on REITs. Many were forced to reduce their dividends. In a few severe cases, the dividends have been suspended. 

While investing in the wrong REIT could turn into a costly mistake, I’ve found two REITs to buy now built to weather the storm. 

2 Hot REITs to Buy Now for Defensive Market Action 

Several weeks ago I mentioned that the stock market might be a little overbought — especially the tech sector. 

I also explained that one of the best ways to defend ourselves and our portfoliosis to diversify with  ETFs. They hold multiple stocks and function much like a mutual fund. 

While some traditional real estate REITs have been underperforming since February, I have found two hidden gems showing strong resilience and relative strength. 

I’m giving away both tickers in the video below… 

Thanks to recent events, you could double your money in just a matter of weeks! Even with the volatility coming from the second wave.

Had you followed this strategy, you could have made 92.5% in four weeks!​

And the exact same pattern that led to those gains are lining up once again…

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