Earnings Season Data You NEED to Know Right Now!

Earnings season has begun and I’m continuing to collect my earnings season data.

We’re getting closer to 100 out of the S&P 500 Index 500 companies reporting their financial gains over a tough year for businesses worldwide. 

With 20% of reports now priced into the stock market, we have a better picture of the economy’s health and how investors should be tackling the market.

Earnings Season Data

A big report dealing with Intel Corp.’s (Nasdaq: INTC) came out on [DATE]. The company’s stock price dropped 10% this morning off the back of missed earnings expectations.

In the overall stock market, earnings season data shows companies are down roughly 11% from one year ago. And 86% of companies that have reported so far have beaten their earnings estimates. 

A key to keep in mind is those estimates have been revised to keep expectations low. This in a year where the pandemic has plagued the large majority of businesses. Unemployment rates are still diverging from the stock market prices.

The sectors with the weakest earnings have, obviously, been transport, energy and consumer discretionaries. The areas that have shown the most resilience during these times have been utilities, technology and retail. Online retailers doing a lot of the heavy lifting in that area.Join me as I sit down for another roundtable session with Midas Letter founder James West and his group of market experts. Today we’re talking about our takes on this new earnings season data and what we see coming in the days ahead.

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