Markets React to Pfizer Update

Pfizer gave a positive update on its progression toward a COVID-19 vaccine this week. This has investors jumping for joy and searching for Pfizer vaccine updates, hoping for a return to normalcy with a vaccine. But I’ve got news for you, folks: We may never go back to the way things were before this virus hit.

Pfizer Vaccine Update: Give Credit Where Credit’s Due

Over the past several months, the Trump administration has worked tirelessly with pharmaceutical companies in an effort to come up with a vaccine to beat this pandemic. With it looking like the Trump administration could be on its way out, I have a question for you… 

If the vaccines released in the first few months of a Biden administration, which administration do you think will get the credit for it?

Let’s put this into context with a little hypothetical scenario…

If I spent an afternoon baking a cake — purchasing the ingredients, reading the recipe, mixing and baking — and then at the last minute someone else comes in and takes it out of the oven, do they get credit for the cake? The answer: They better not!! 

But this seems to be a recurring issue with presidents.

For the sake of objectivity, let’s take a look at a different scenario… Several Democrats believe that President Barack Obama was responsible for the economic boost we had before the virus hit. Often explaining that it was the Obama administration that laid the groundwork for Donald Trump’s economic growth. But did that stop Trump from taking credit for a booming economy early in his administration? 


So What Does This Mean For You?

Now, I’m no politician. Nor am I here to sway my readers and viewers to one political party or another. I’m here to lay out the facts so we can become better traders and investors. The truth is, the release of a vaccine will be a blessing to the entire world, no matter who’s in charge. And with that vaccine being released, the markets saw a big bounce. But those of you searching the web for Pfizer vaccine updates, hoping we will return to of normal after it’s made available may have a bit of bad news coming your way. 

Personally, I don’t see how we can go back to the way things were in a pre-virus world. Too many things have changed and too much has been impacted for us to simply turn a switch and go back to “normal.”

As for the market, it’s my belief that companies that are doing well now — aka stay-at-home stocks — will more than likely continue to do well even after the release of a vaccine.

Today, I want to go over some charts with you that better explain my thinking on this subject and discuss the Pfizer vaccine updates.. Join me now as I pull up charts covering comparisons of the QQQ, IWM and SPY, as well as take a look at the 10-Year Yield chart to give us a better understanding of just how much progress we’ve made.

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