Holiday Stocks: Can Investors Expect a Thanksgiving & Santa Claus Rally?

Guys, it’s that time of year again. While children all over the world have started writing out their holiday wish lists, and parents all over the world have started sweating and double checking their bank statements to make sure those wishes can come true.

Well, children aren’t the only ones who can have their wishes come true this time of year. In fact, today I want to let you know which holiday stocks to watch this season. I’ll also tell you about a type of rally that both the naughty AND nice can take advantage of to see potential profits.

Holiday Stocks

Have you ever heard of the Santa Claus rally or Black Friday stock rally?

It’s not a celebratory parade or a rush through shopping malls to get the newest gifts before the next person… It’s a stock market phenomenon that sees an increase in the stock market due to strong retail sales.

There are other factors such as tax considerations and holiday bonuses that need to be considered, but in general, when it comes to holiday stocks, this can be a very bullish time of year. In fact, studies over the past 60 years show that December has been a  positive month for the stock market about two-thirds of the time.

The 2020 Stocks Season

There’s a reason most people call this “the most wonderful time of the year.” For most, there is a sense of joy in the air as the holidays approach. But in 2020, “joy” isn’t the only thing floating around in the air. In fact, the concern is that more people will catch COVID-19 than joy this holiday season.

But this hasn’t stopped retailers and those invested in retail and holiday stocks from rubbing their hands together as they look forward to seeing their revenue numbers go through the roof.

In fact, retail has been on fire since the news of the Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) vaccine. But the economic impacts of COVID-19 are bound to make a dent in retail sales this holiday season.

Join me below as I sit for another Midas Letter roundtable so the team and I can look to see whether markets will be just as excited about Black Friday sales as we are!

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