Buy It and Burn It: See Which Stocks to Buy After COVID-19

Hey guys, welcome to another segment of “Buy It and Burn It!” Today, we’re going to talk about a stock to buy after COVID-19, and a stock you should burn.

With a Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) vaccine coming closer and closer, people are ready to get back to “normal.”

They’re ready to take their masks off, go out to eat and resume life as it was before 2020. That regularity includes a more diverse stock market — one that has been dominated by the Nasdaq in 2020.

That may not happen, guys.

As I said in my previous video, my son asked me the other day if we would all be taking our masks off, and my honest thought was, “No, I don’t think so.”

My reasoning is this:

I think we’ve seen a lot of long-term changes as a result of this pandemic, and the transition back won’t be as easy as taking a vaccine and boom — it’s like it never happened. 

So don’t count on seeing a normal stock market just yet.

My List of Stocks to Buy After COVID-19 Might Surprise You

Wall Street runs off of its own predictions. Right now, it’s showing signs of a re-opened economy.

I’m going against the grain a little bit with my recommendations.

Right now, they’re telling you the stocks to buy after COVID-19 are value stocks and that you should sell off your tech.

That advice is based on a belief that everything is going to work perfectly… that politicians, governments and citizens will all get it right the first time.

Yeah, right.

The stocks that I’ve been watching are actual trades I put into my Money Link system. These guys have been crushing it year-round, rain or shine, and I can’t see that stopping.

So check out my video below to hear my thesis on which stocks to buy after COVID-19 and 2020 are finally over.

You’ve probably heard of Leonardo da Vinci. 

Known as the original “Renaissance Man,” Leonardo was an incredible artist and inventor — as well as a mathematician. 

In fact, he used a powerful mathematical equation to paint some of his most famous artwork. 

Few know this, but you can actually use da Vinci’s ancient equation to identify big price moves well before the general market. 

Knowing about these price swings before they happen can net you massive sums of money. I’m talking triple-digit, even quadruple-digit returns! 

It all comes down to a special number called “the Golden Ratio”…

And one trader wants to show you how to use it.