Want to Be a Better Trader? Learn From Our Mistakes

I like to say my first three years of trading were like being in an MBA program — I learned a lot! 

I made mistakes and I took notes… Tracking my trades, noting why I got into them or why I avoided them… Why they succeeded or why they failed.

After reviewing my research, I realized the times I struggled the most were where I tried to impose my own will onto the market. Like FOMO, for example, or the fear of missing out.

When I took that thought process out of it, I saw better returns! I started approaching every day as a new opportunity, and my investments started doing a heck of a lot better!

This is the thought process we need to have.

Keep in mind, you are your own worst enemy. Don’t sabotage yourself. Don’t fight what you’re seeing based on your emotions.

If you’re interested in exploring my trading past to better prepare you for your trading future, join me below. I’m sitting with my friend, WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott, to participate in a roundtable where we discuss, not only our trading pasts, but what we see in the stock market’s future!

P.S. Downgrade a Stock… to Go LONG?

Have you ever noticed after a stock has been down for 30 days… 60 days… shoot, even 90 days…

The big banks then come out and downgrade it?

If you think that “sounds fishy,” then you’re just like me… And you’re right, it is fishy.

So I started digging, and what I found was shocking.

What if Wall Street downgrades a stock… to go LONG on it?

And what if Wall Street upgrades a stock… to SHORT it?

What I uncovered is not just eye-opening, but it could be extremely valuable for a small group of traders who know this ONE secret…

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