A New Era of Sectors to Invest In

A new president, a new congress, how do you trade it? WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott and I sat down to discuss which sectors to invest in as we begin 2021 — and we even have some picks for you.

After yesterday’s Senate runoff, the United States is looking ahead to a new era as we ride the “blue wave.” 

Many people are worried about the impact of having the Democratic party rule both the executive and legislative branches of government. 

But according to Roger, the best bull runs have come under Democratic control. You just have to know which sectors to invest in. 

So what are they? And what ones should you avoid?

One group to note is the FAANG stocks — the five big American tech companies: Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), Amazon.com Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN), Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) and Alphabet Inc Class A (Nasdaq: GOOGL)

They’ve been lagging since they peaked in September, and that’s giving most a negative outlook on the Nasdaq 100… There is one sector of the Nasdaq that should be watched though.

Know Which Sectors to Invest In… And Which to Avoid

Roger is bullish on semiconductors, the second-biggest sector in the Nasdaq 100. They’re different from typical Nasdaq stocks and don’t always correlate with the performance of the rest of the index. 

In other words, don’t lump semiconductors in with FAANG when thinking of sectors to invest in.

Semiconductors are companies that make computer chips and other parts, including companies like Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) and NVIDIA Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA).We have thoughts on these as well.

In a recent video, Roger pointed out one particular stock that I like as well, and it’s in the semiconductor sector.

Another sector to talk about is REITs, which took a big hit during COVID-19. The expectation is that, after the vaccine, those will return to normal and trend upward. But is that really the case? Or is this another group to avoid?

Watch the video below to find out what we think of REITs and get our top sectors to invest in as we begin this new era.

P.S. Last year, 10-time trading champion Chuck Hughes took a $4,600 starter account and turned it into $67,268. 

This same strategy gave Chuck’s readers the chance to go 20 years without posting a single down year. 

It was clear to us that Chuck had managed to crack the stock market code — and we wanted to learn his secret. So WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott sat down with him for an exclusive interview and asked him to reveal his winning strategy…

And luckily, we got that conversation on tape.

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