The 2 Best Electric Vehicle Stocks to Watch in 2021

The electric vehicle revolution has finally begun, and WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott wants YOU to come along with him for the ride… 

With Democrats controlling the Senate and President-elect Joe Biden pledging to transition the U.S. economy away from the oil industry, electric vehicle stocks have become the group to watch in 2021. 

The electrification of transport is now one of the major trends of the 21st century! 

So with that being said, Roger decided to give away two electric vehicle stocks to watch in 2021 that stand to see substantial upside in the months to come. 

2 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Watch in 2021 

The one-year surge of 1,392% in China-based electric carmaker Nio Inc – ADR (NYSE: NIO) stock’s price (and let’s not forget about Tesla Inc’s (Nasdaq: TSLA) 739% year growth) shows that investor excitement about electric vehicle stocks is only increasing in momentum. 

And this trend is likely to continue as we head further into 2021, especially in light of the new political direction that will be driving the U.S. economy over the next four years. 

That’s why he’s decided to give away two more EV stocks to watch in 2021. Roger believes these two electric vehicle stocks will show substantial upside over the next few quarters.  

You’re going to love the first stock he picked out for you today. It’s a Chilean chemical company that manufacturers and sells industrial chemicals like lithium and iodine to over 60 countries around the world. 

And according to his research, it’s the second-largest lithium producer behind Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB), one of the electric vehicle stocks to watch he mentioned in this video. 

But the most compelling reason to own this stock is because its mining firm is located within the so-called “Lithium Triangle,” a region of the Andes rich in lithium reserves near the borders of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. 

You’ll want to keep your eye on that “Lithium Triangle.” That’s where the money is, and where the second company on my list of electric vehicle stocks to watch in 2021 also resides. 

Check out Roger’s video to reveal both of these tickers and then share your opinion about all of this in the comment section below. What are your thoughts? Do you think these are the two electric vehicle stocks to watch in 2021?

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