Roundtable: Trading Strategies for the Coming Inflation

The big talk to start this week is the price of commodities. Everything from oil to orange juice is soaring… 

We know inflation is coming. 

That’s why we sat down with trading experts Roger Scott, Adam Sarhan and James West for our Monday-morning roundtable to talk about our trading strategies for inflation that is on the way.

The Federal Reserve has been non-stop printing and pumping money into the economy to keep us afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the stock market is showing a return to normalcy…

But are we there yet?

Hospitalizations are going down, vaccinations are going up and tech stocks are pulling back… But are we actually getting back to normal? Only time will tell, but there are some areas we’re bullish on.

Keep Your Stress Low With Our Trading Strategies for Inflation

For the past several weeks we’ve been talking about reflation and inflation trades. And the prospect of inflation is stressful — especially when waiting to see what happens in so many areas.

We’re waiting to see what happens with the stay-at-home stocks that did so well last year. There are a lot of earnings reports coming out this week as well, and we need to see how the stock market reacts to that.

We’ve also been saying since last year that the bull market can only go so long. It’s overextended in many places, like Bitcoin. 

Is this a shallow pullback or something more severe? That’s a stressful question.

Don’t stress though, we’ve come up with some trading strategies for inflation that look good moving forward. 

There are a lot of good areas for investments, even as prices rocket upward. 

If you’re feeling worried about what’s coming in the markets, check out our video below to get our trading strategies for inflation in 2021 as well as some stocks and sectors we’re bullish on. 

Feel free to email your trading questions to and be sure to stay ahead of the markets and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

P.S. I just pulled back the curtain on a new trading method that only requires you to participate in the market right before it closes. 

You see, from the time the market opens until about 3 p.m. EST, Wall Street has the upper hand. But once 3 p.m. rolls around, the big funds on Wall Street start bleeding cash… which sends certain stocks crashing lower. 

Take advantage of these cash bleeds during Wall Street’s weakest hour, and you can make huge returns the next morning when the market opens up again.

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