Buy It or Burn It: Will the Nasdaq 100 Outperform the Russell 2000 in April…?

There are over 1,500 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to choose from in the stock market. With so much noise going on in the marketplace at once, it can be difficult for investors to discern the best and worst performing ETFs for April. 

So I want to make things a little simpler for investors… 

Guys, I think it’s time for another “Buy It or Burn Itsegment. And this will be my ETF Special Edition. 

Whenever I do a video like this, I like to show you stocks that really play into one of the services I have — Money Link. That way, you know exactly how everything works and what to expect should you decide to join us. 

To those who are unfamiliar with this service, it’s a trading style I developed that allows people to remain market neutral at all times. That means you can win trades when the market is moving either up or down. 

It’s a pairs trade in which you have a long and short. These types of trades tend to thrive when the stock market is unpredictable and there’s a ton of volatility. 

And I specifically like to use this strategy when we have big market moves like we’ve seen these past couple of weeks and months.

Which is why the “Buy It or Burn It” stocks I want to talk about are actually two Money Link trades I’m in right now.

My Best and Worst Performing ETFs for April

The Invesco QQQ Trust (Nasdaq: QQQ) and the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (NYSEArca: IWM) are two ETFs I’ve been keeping my focus on. 

For those who don’t know, the QQQ is an ETF that tracks the Nasdaq 100, while the IWM tracks the Russell 2000. 

Now, the Russell 2000 has been an amazing trade and I think it could go a lot further… But I think the Nasdaq is beginning to get back to its old pattern of outperforming the IWM. 

It’s one of the reasons why I’m buying/going long on the QQQ while shorting the IWM.

And after taking a look at my advanced analytics with these pair trades, I think you’ll quickly see why, too.

Check out my short video below to learn more about the best and worst performing ETFs in April. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

And as always, email any trading questions to and stay ahead of the markets, especially these choppy ones, by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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best and worst performing etfs for April

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