3 Cruise Line Stocks Making Waves for Big Gains This Summer

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about cruise lines and their stocks making good headlines

If you remember Roger Scott’s videos from a year ago, then you know he was fully against anything fun and entertainment-related because in his mind, traveling meant COVID-19. 

But things have changed…

Cruise line stocks are making headlines this summer because the Center for Disease Control and Prevention gave cruise ships the green light as long as 95% passengers are fully vaccinated. 

Now, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is threatening to fine cruise lines for requiring passengers to be fully protected, saying it interrupts the amount of money coming into Florida because it’s a huge state for travel. 

So for lack of a better phrase, there’s a lot of friction. 

There’s no way we could expect smooth sailing from Day 1. It takes time for these things to iron out, but we will tell you that things will go back to normal at some point. 

And cruise ships stocks will make headlines… 

3 Cruise Line Stocks Making Headlines This Summer 

We know what you’re probably thinking… 

“Roger, there are COVID-19 cases on the cruise ships right now. Why would we trade these stocks?” 

Well, Roger says it’s not going to be binary. 

We can’t just switch it on and off — it’s going to be a long process. 

Remember, the market always looks forward, or as far into the future as it can. It doesn’t factor in what has already happened. 

So it’s only natural that cruise line stocks are making headlines… and that we want our readers to be able to get in on the three biggest ones! 

Check out the short video below to get the three cruise line stocks making headlines this summer, and feel free to sound off about the names you like or dislike in the comments section. 

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