Potential Rocket Fuel for Growth Stocks, and 2 ‘Home Run’ Option Picks

Before we get started, we have big, exciting plans for Crush the Open heading into 2023… As we continue to grow, we’re going to try new things and change up the format. Lance and I enjoy doing this, and we think you guys like watching us together, so we’re going to go much harder in that direction next year.

The team is working behind the scenes to make this happen, and we can’t wait to share our ideas and vision with everyone… a big key of that vision being more active trading ideas and not the boring old, “What’s your favorite stock for the next year?”

That said, with Christmas and then New Year’s coming up — the market and our offices will be closed on Monday, Dec. 26, and Monday, Jan. 2, 2023 — so we are going to take the next few weeks off before returning with a BANG! 

So don’t worry, we’ll be back and ready to Crush the Open on Monday, Jan. 9! Now on to today’s show…

Crush the Open

There’s a big lack of volume as Wall Street is already on Christmas break. It seems to me that many of the big, BIG-money players have already written the year off as they look to 2023. 

This week, we have the latest Consumer Price Index — the stock market’s Super Bowl each month — at 8:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, and then the “Scammer in Chief” Jerome Powell, the Chair of the Federal Reserve, will reveal the next interest rate hike.

The market exploded following the last CPI number that was weaker than expected, and we had a nice rally last time Powell spoke on Nov. 30… but then the Nasdaq gave it all right back. 

Lance is super bullish right now, but if you follow along here regularly, you know I’m bearish…

But I’m waiting patiently for a “back the truck up” moment in the market where it will be time to go long into stocks. We’re not there quite yet but when we get there, you’ll be among the first to know it.  

Here’s what I’m watching as the next potential catalyst for stocks to shoot higher that looks bullish… 

If we start to see a collapse in short-term rates under 4% again — about 35 basis points lower — that can be rocket fuel for growth stocks. Hell, even Cathie Wood may finally catch a bid!

Lance is also bullish on growth names, and I broke down a spread between growth and value stocks. Check out today’s Crush the Open up top and let’s discuss that, as well as a weekly option home run play. This is an all or nothing trade idea on $100 — so you either lose all your money, or you knock it out of the park. 

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*This is for informational and educational purposes only. There is an inherent risk in trading, so trade at your own risk. 

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