The Most Common Trading Lingo You Must Know to Survive Wall Street

Are you up on the most common stock trading terms and lingo used by retail and professional traders? If not, you should be…

And you’re in luck because my Crush the Open cohort, Lance Ippolito, and I made a video about the most common stock trading terms and phrases we use.  

If you think you’re already in the know on the most important, everyday Wall Street lingo… pop quiz time!

Common Stock Trading Terms and Lingo

You’ll hear this a lot from me, so do you know what it means when I say “the market is bid”? 

That simply means buying — the bids — are driving the market higher… Bids are going higher and pushing the major indexes along for the ride. 

If I say “the market is offered,” “the market’s being sold,” “the market’s being distributed” or “the market’s dumping,” that means just the opposite — people are selling and the major indexes are falling because of it. 

Lance mostly trades options and unusual options activity, and when he mentions “flow,” he’s referring to order flow in contracts. 

So if he says… 

“There’s a lot of flow in Apple weekly calls today,” that means there are a lot of weekly options contracts — which expire that coming Friday — being bought in Apple. 

Another common stock trading term that many people don’t understand is a “squeeze” or a “short squeeze,” or “the shorts are getting squeezed.” And you absolutely need to know what a squeeze is because it’s a prime money-making opportunity!

Check out our video up top and let’s go over the most common stock trading terms and lingo you’ll hear from us. 

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*This is for informational and educational purposes only. There is an inherent risk in trading, so trade at your own risk. 

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