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"I Call Them No Lose Trades"

How You Could Earn $12,000+ On Linked Stocks Even If You Can't Predict The Market

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And now any regular Joe can see how to find Linked Stocks to see gains like $12,870, $13,590, 20,380…

Even as the S&P sheds over a third of its value!


Thursday, May 7th at 8pm EST


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  • Founder - Joy of the Trade
  • Made $1 million in 30 minutes
  • Helped grow Pan Capital from 5.1 million to 700 million (13,625% growth)
  • Not one losing quarter in 10 years
  • “We owe it all to linked stocks.”

“I’ve traded through these kinds of events before…

This is when people with plans get RICH.”

-Jeff Zananiri, Event Host

The Markets Are Unpredictable…
But “The Money Link” is a Mathematical Fact.

I mean it when I say, there is no market force more reliable than tapping into linked stocks...

I’ve worked for Bear Stearns…

I’ve worked beside some of the best mentors and entrepreneurs you could ask for…

Including a man with the most expensive real estate property purchase in history.

I’ve rubbed shoulders with richest people out there…

Mark Cuban…

Tiger Woods…

I was in meetings with Fed Reserve governors.

I’ve worked with the best… Rub shoulders with the best… Traded with the best…

And none of it comes close to what I’m about to show you.

  • No-Lose Trades. See how linked stocks help you still make money… even if both stocks go down… Or both stocks go up. Even if they both do the opposite of what you thought!
  • Recognizing the “useful idiots” in the media. Buying now is like trying to catch a falling safe. The media can offer a way to almost perfectly time the bottom, so you can buy and sell at the right moments to make a killing.
  • 5 bonehead investing mistakes everyone makes during a crisis. The rules change when volatility appears. Most people zig when they should zag. Avoid these 5 mistakes to make sure your retirement doesn’t end up another crisis casualty.
  • The “299 Rule” that could add 36% back to your portfolio. There is always hope in these situations. The 299 Rule will help keep your head level and your portfolio positive.
  • The 3-phase opportunity EVERY crisis goes through (including this one). Yes, this actually is: “just another crisis.” 99% of people will panic and lose their shirts… Then in a year the media will complain how “the rich just keep getting richer.”

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This Highly Anticipated Reveal