I See a Storm Coming… Are You Prepared?

So far, this week has been one to watch, but a lot of the things happening aren’t the kinds of things we like to talk about…

With amateur traders chasing after a quick, dirty buck (by bottom feeding on lesser stocks), I’m eyeing storm clouds on the horizon that are impossible to ignore.

Join me below as I sit with WealthPress head trader Roger Scott in our mid-week roundtable to candidly discuss today’s market. Today, we’re reviewing the increase in VIX and pressure in weaker sectors, the bond and gold markets, today’s GDP reports, and much more.

Roger Scott is STUMPED! Can you figure it out?

Before I let you guys go, I want to let you in on something pretty cool…

Legendary Fund Manager, Tom Busby, just sent Roger something in the mail… a tiny USB drive.

On there you’ll see what’s being referred to as “the most pivotal discovery in trading history” leading to repeat gains as high as 357.53%

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