Everything You Need To Know This Earnings Season

We are three weeks away from the election U.S. Presidential Election. Meanwhile, President Trump is cured of COVID and continues to make reference to the fact that he may now be immune to the virus. 

All of this excitement is leaving investors and the markets undecided as to which direction they should go. At this point the markets are looking like they could go up or down.

The major mover within markets is the kick-off of earnings season.

The financials and big banks are up this week. Bank stock prices haven’t been moving around a lot this year.

There have been plenty of other trading opportunities to jump on in the meantime. However, banks are still fairly cheap because of this.

The important thing to consider in earnings season is how the market reacts to the news. It’s not the reports themselves rather than what the investor sentiment is behind the numbers.

For example, will a stock drop after some good news (bearish situation) or will a stock rally on some average news (bullish situation)…

What is more valuable than knowing the stocks to watch with earnings coming out are the stocks that are set to explode in value from the latest and greatest technology advancement we have seen since the beginning of the internet…

A technology that will change the way humans live their lives forever. Self-driving cars, one billion connected smart devices, and lightning-fast wireless speeds all rely on this new tech!

I recently sat down for an in depth interview with Midas Letter founder James West to review these topics and more.

Join us now as this group of market experts and I have a candid discussion on the health of today’s market and what we’re predicting will be the end result of all this recent excitement.

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