We’re Within the Margin of Error…

I guess it’s safe to say if you’re not into talking about recent election news, then you’re in the wrong place. Actually, I was planning on writing about something different today, but at the last minute I came across some stunning election news I felt we had to discuss.

The Margin of Error 

If you’ve been following the election news lately, you know the “projected” winner at this point is Joe Biden. We are led to believe most Americans are tired of President Trump and his crude personality… Leading most to believe our current president is on his way out.

But let’s look at this info a little closer…

Despite what the mainstream media wants us to believe, the margin of error gap between candidates this election season is tightening. Actually, it’s closer than it was at this point during the 2016 presidential election!

As certain as everyone was that we’d be living in the world of President Hillary Clinton by now, even the strongest Biden supporters can’t be 100% certain Trump will not get another four years in the Oval Office!

I’m not sure what could be closing the gap at this point. It could be all the recent speculation on Hunter Biden and his relations with foreign dignitaries, some believing that both Bidens accepted payments equal to a small fortunes from foreign affiliates to gain access to certain U.S. politicians.

At the same time, one could speculate that Trump’s quick turnaround after being diagnosed with COVID-19 has given some the assurance they needed to show that Trump really can’t be beaten!

Whichever candidate you’re leaning toward, the stock market won’t move until we start to see some insight into what’s ahead. So while we all sit back and wait for the outcome of this election, the market will sit right along with us…

Join me today as I talk with WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott for our Wednesday roundtable session. Today, as we continue to go deeper into the realm of the margin of error, we’re starting with an in-depth discussion on today’s political environment. 

But don’t worry! 

If you’re longing for the good old days of market discussions free of political musings, we’ve got some of that for you today, too!

As you may already know, “Robinhood traders” have been flooding the stock market… ​

But what you probably don’t know is they’ve overwhelmed Wall Street. 

You see, the advantage is no longer in their hands… it’s in ours!

And Roger Scott spotted a trade that could TRIPLE in value by the end of the week… and I suspect he will find a lot more of these winners very soon.

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