How to Use Political Data to Profit!

As most of my readers are well aware by this point, I’ve been dedicated to political data over the past few weeks. Because of this Joy of the Trade has been focusing on politics and their connection to the market.

There may be several people out there who have had their fill of political updates and turmoil over the course of this election cycle. To them, I apologize for becoming a political junkie right in front of their eyes.

That being said, I want to make it clear that the market is heavily associated with the updates that I have been sending your way.

It’s because of this connection that I want to share a trick of the trade with you guys today.

Yes, You Could Profit from Political Data!

It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in political poll statistics to drive our decision making during times like these. Because of this, when the thought process starts to go one way, it continues down that path without much help. This is one way I’ve been looking at the recent news updates coming out of the mainstream media lately. I try not to take polls too seriously because, as we saw in 2016, sometimes they are wrong!

If someone wants to see what the big wigs of Wall Street and Washington are thinking, one good place to look is on THIS WEBSITE! I’ve been visiting this website for weeks now. In fact, I’ve been checking this website out as often as Bloomberg. Maybe more!

I should say, I’m not affiliated with this site in any way. Nor am I prone to giving free publicity to such sites. However, websites like this one tell us a great deal about the political environment and a great deal of information about the market itself!

All you have to do is watch stocks like oil, green energy, solar companies, financial companies, etc. By keeping an eye on these sectors, we can get a good understanding of what major decision makers are predicting will happen come Nov. 3rd.

If there is a Trump win, we’re more than likely going to see oil and finance go up. If there is a Biden win, then we should be watching green energy soar. By watching these industries and whether they go up or down over the next few days, we are able to read between the lines and get a better grasp on what people not in the mainstream media are thinking!

Join me today as I reveal my new favorite website to the world. Diving deeper into why I feel this site can help us, not only predict the next president, but help us predict future market fluctuations as they correlate with the final days of the 2020 election.

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