2020 Election: Day No. 2

The path to victory continues to dwindle for President Donald Trump, but if we learned anything from 2016, “it ain’t over til’ it’s over!” So let’s take a closer look at what we’re seeing coming out of this election and whether or not there’s any truth to the statements being made.

Election Corruption?

There has been some mixed feelings from Trump supporters as to how he has responded to a potential loss during this election cycle. President Trump stated in the wee morning hours that he felt he had already won the election. He then called for vote counts to be stopped, claiming that the Democrats will partake in election corruption and continue to “conveniently” find the right amount of votes they need to win the presidency until it’s called in their favor.

No matter your opinion on these corruption claims, the “corruption seed” has now been planted in the American mind. So the damage has already been done.

Here’s the Truth…

The truth is, once the fog has cleared, this is America and we will continue to be great. This is true no matter who sits in the Oval Office. While we may sit and bicker back and forth as to our country’s policies, America is America. The White House and all it stands for will continue to stand for generations to come!

Will Biden make his way into the Oval Office? Has Trump managed to squeak into another four years in the White House? Have we seen any evidence of election corruption? These are the questions on everybody’s minds right now. The whole world is sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for election results, so that’s exactly what we want to discuss.

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