The 2020 Election and Your Investments

I think it’s safe to say that everybody’s eyes have been glued to the U.S. presidential election results and all I have to say is… what a stressful week!

The 2020 Election Results

I’ve been following this election for quite some time and, as we’ve predicted, the end results have not been reached simply. In fact, as I write this, we still await the tally results from a handful of U.S. states to be able to declare an official winner. And after that process is done, guess what? The process will more than likely start over in some states.

As President Donald Trump continues to describe the electoral process as “rigged against him,” the world sits in anticipation as to whether or not he can produce any hard evidence to support his claims.

The Markets React…

With all this uncertainty, one might expect the stock market to be in chaos. Surprisingly, we’re seeing that this is not the case. In fact, one study I read says that the markets have had their best “presidential election week” in 75 years. That’s amazing!

Luckily, I’ve had a lot of good positions lately. They went back to growth and stay-at-home stocks because I feel that’s a story that will continue to play out over the course of the next month or two. And with that being the expectation, naturally there will be investors who chase those winners until the end. That’s what portfolio managers do… That’s what professional traders do, and — yes — this is what we do.

So as the world continues to wait to see who might be sitting behind the Resolute Desk over the next four years, let’s dive into my thinking on why the market has been so active over the last few days.

Join me now as I review charts on the S&P 500, Russell 2000 and Nasdaq… and discuss how they managed to be up over the last week.

Investors may not like the game but if you’re in it, you have no choice but to play it! That said, whatever happens over the course of the coming days, I’ll be watching for all of us.

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