Markets React Amid National Confusion

Despite whatever ambitions the Trump team had for another four years in the White House, it appears those hopes and dreams have been shattered. 

Most agree, in continuance of the tradition that’s made our country great, the outgoing president needs to accept defeat and welcome the incoming administration. At this point, however, the Trump team continues to shout their battle cry of “election fraud.” One can’t help but wonder how long it will take before Trump will concede…

Will Trump Concede?

Donald J. Trump is famous for his feuds and grudges. (Just ask Rosie O’Donnell!) In fact, some are convinced the entire Trump presidency is the end result of President Obama’s jabbing remarks made toward Donald Trump in a speech. At the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, as President Obama made joke after joke about Donald Trump’s career and personality, Trump could be seen sitting in the audience, glaring at President Obama with a very “uncomfortable” look on his face. (Obama’s comments were of course spurred on by Donald Trump’s early support of the “birther movement.”) Nonetheless, it’s been reported that Trump went out and trademarked the phrase “Make America Great Again” the very next day.

And so it began…

So, if a man is willing to put his fortune, reputation and family’s well being on the line because of a few bad jokes, do you think that same man will concede the presidency willingly simply because someone tells him to?

I’m not so sure… 

History Lesson…

In 1974, it was against every instinct in President Nixon’s body to walk away from his second term in office. Yet, despite his hesitation, he did just that. He resigned to spare the nation of going through an impeachment and all the national chaos it would stir up.

The same could be said about our current situation and whether or not Trump will concede… In so many words, is it in the nation’s best interest for Trump to continue this fight? I must admit, though, if you’d been the victim of as many unsuccessful takedown operations as President Trump currently has, you’d probably share his election suspicions too.

The funny thing is, a good portion of President Trump’s supporters love him for just this type of thing… His unwillingness to give in and his ability to say what he thinks needs to be said, despite the consequences is what makes him Donald J. Trump!

The Markets React…

Despite the ongoing political turmoil in the United States, the markets managed to pull up early this week as pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced its COVID-19 vaccine has seen a 90% success rate in initial tests. This news had investors scrambling to make big moves on companies that have been sliding in value due to the pandemic and quarantine, hoping to snag a good deal. Of course, several of those ambitions were short lived.

Only time will tell what the end result of this battle will be, but in the meantime, I urge my readers to keep a watchful eye on the markets and their reactions to this national confusion and join me below so we can learn how to make money no matter who sits in the Oval Office.

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