Buy It and Burn It: Comparing These Tech Stocks

Hey guys, before we get down to our new segment, “Buy it and Burn it?,” and start talking about which tech stocks to buy, check out this article by CNN. I was interviewed this week to get my thoughts on a possible utility tax hike under Joe Biden. Check out what I have to say on utility stocks going forward..

Now, onto the pilot episode of our new segment: “Buy it and Burn it?”

Today we’re doing things a little different. Instead of talking about the stock market in general, I’m going to target specific stocks and how you can play them to make some money. 

I can’t think of a better pair of stocks to discuss for this method than this!

Every professional hedge fund manager uses this strategy of buying and burning. One stock you should long, and one you should short. These two stocks in particular are ones I have in my Money Link” trading system.

This week’s stocks are both in the technology sector. Keep scrolling so I can tell you which tech stock to buy, and which one to short!

Make Sure You Know Which Tech Stock to Buy

Both of today’s companies are housed in Santa Clara, Calif., and are in the microprocessor game. COVID-19 or not, one of these stocks is primed to succeed. Using my “Buy It and Burn It” method, you can make some money off these stocks.

The secret to the “Buy It and Burn It” method is to look at stocks where one is eating away at the other. 

One of these is my absolute favorite stocks. They have been killing it all year. Check out my video to see which tech stock to buy, and which to burn!

There’s a new takeover that could change the stock market forever… 

Wall Street has been dominating the majority of the market with its algorithmic trading tools… triggering massive buying sprees… and sending stocks like Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ZM), Docusign Inc. (Nasdaq: DOCU) and Amazon Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) soaring. 

These massive funds have invested millions of dollars in these high-tech algorithms, an advantage Main Street investors obviously can’t afford. 

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