Short-Term Trading vs. Fundamental Investing

I’ve had many years experience in the market and one thing that I always encourage my fellow investors to keep up on is the news and market updates. It’s very easy to fall behind in this industry and when you do, it can take a major toll on your investments!

But then the question becomes what an investor is to do with all the accumulated information…

 Use it to make money of course!

Now, there are many styles of investing in which people can take their knowledge and make money, but the debate over which investing method is best is a highly disputed one.

Those strategies tend to exist within 2 categories: there are the fundamental investors; whose philosophies are based on the underlying intrinsic value of a particular company and sector (Warren Buffett perhaps being the most famous). 

Then there are the technical traders; whose methods are based on the price action and the volume of trades within a particular stock.

Most traders fall somewhat on a sliding scale between those two differing ways of thinking. Both have its advantages and if stuck to only one approach, an investor could perhaps miss out on opportunities.

For example, technical charts can be used to determine supply and demand patterns that have already occurred based on momentum and trends but cannot be used to determine whether a stock is over or undervalued and what its value may be years into the future.

Today, I join Midas Letter founder James West, WealthPress head trader Roger Scott, and a SPECIAL GUEST for a roundtable discussion dives deeper into the topics above and much more.

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