Short-Term Trading vs. Fundamental Investing

I have decades of experience trading the market, and I have some timeless investing advice to share today…

I always encourage my fellow traders to keep up with the news and market updates — and by that, I don’t mean the talking heads in the financial media who often lead people astray.

It’s easy to fall behind in this industry, and when you do, it can take a major toll on your investments.

But then the question becomes what to do with all of that information…

Well, you use to make more informed investing decisions!

There are many styles of trading and investing where people can use this new-found knowledge. But the debate over which investing method is the best is up to you and your personal trading style.

The most common strategies tend to exist within two categories… There are the fundamental investors, whose philosophies are based on the underlying intrinsic value of a particular company and/or sector — Warren Buffett perhaps being the most famous. 

Then there are the technical traders, whose methods are based on the price action and volume in a particular stock.

Most traders fall on a sliding scale between those two different ways of thinking. Both have their advantages, and if you stick to just one approach, an investor could perhaps miss out on other opportunities.

For example, technical charts can be used to determine supply and demand patterns that have already occurred based on momentum and trends, but cannot be used to determine whether a stock is over- or undervalued — what its value may in the future.

Check out this video I did with Midas Letter founder James West, WealthPress Senior Strategist Roger Scott and a SPECIAL GUEST for a roundtable discussion into these different types of trading.

In any market, information can make or break a trader. So check out our video up top and let’s discuss two different methods of trading.

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