3 Tech Stocks We’re Watching in 2021

There’s something big we need everyone to understand…

Right now isn’t the time to focus on FAANG stocks. And why? These stocks have actually been underperforming small-cap technology stocks. 

But don’t worry… 

There are still plenty of tech stocks to watch in 2021. And since it’s our job to come up with new ways for readers to make more money, WealthPress Head Trader Roger Scott has decided to give away the three tech stocks he’s targeting right now. 

If you’ve been keeping up with his daily videos for quite awhile, then the first tech stock to watch in 2021 shouldn’t be any surprise. We’ve talked about this tech stock before and it has only gone up since.

So let’s not waste anymore time…

The Top 3 Tech Stocks To Watch in 2021 

The first stock on Roger’s list of tech stocks to watch in 2021 is Pinterest. 

Pinterest Inc. (NYSE: PINS) is a social media platform that allows people to virtually share images and discover ideas for daily activities like remodeling a house, planning a dream wedding and even training for a marathon. 

The one-year return for this stock is 251%. And if you pay close attention to today’s analysis, you’ll notice Pinterest is a real winner. It has been outperforming the broader market and hitting all-time highs. 

Just so you know, the first time  he mentioned this stock to you it was trading around $25 a share. When Roger started filming today’s video, that number had climbed to $80 a share.

So yes, we’re still bullish on Pinterest. 

And if you’re looking to purchase this tech stock to watch in 2021, wait for it to pull back to its 50-day moving average (currently around $73 per share) for a good buy opportunity. 

But Pinterest isn’t the only tech stock to watch in 2021…

P.S. A Wall Street trading icon just told us things are about to get real…

Our source is finally going to expose a technology that represents the single greatest investment opportunity in the past 30 years…

This technology could be the most profitable tech opportunity since the rise of e-commerce, social media or even the internet itself… And he has zeroed in on the perfect plays to capitalize on this historic event.

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