3 Top Small-Cap Stocks To Target for the Rest of 2021

WealthPress Senior Strategist Roger Scott has been picking the strongest stocks and sectors the past few months to help you ride out Wall Street’s current storm. But today we thought we’d do something a little different and give you a two-part series on our favorite small-cap stocks.

The reason why is easy: The Russell 2000 is due for a major move — up. 

Roger said it before and he’ll say it again… The Russell 2000 is technically made up of 2,000 small-cap companies, but that’s a little deceptive because most of these stocks have a market cap of roughly $1 billion to $8 billion. 

But that’s not the point of this video… 

Like Roger said earlier, this topic will have two parts. So he’s revealing three of his favorite small-cap stocks today, and he’ll give away the next two later on. And before you ask, no. These aren’t like micro-cap or penny stocks. They’re Russell 2000 stocks. 

3 Favorite Small-Cap Stocks to Own in 2021 

We’re smack dab in the middle of earnings for large-cap tech, bank and financial stocks. This week we’ve even had some big names like Tesla and Microsoft. But the bottom line is that after we’re done with them, it’s small cap time. 

If you look at a chart of the Russell 2000 similar to the one in today’s video, you’ll notice that right before earnings season began, the Russell 2000 started hitting its 50-day moving average.  

But consider the fact that since this past September, the Russell 2000 has strongly outperformed all of the other major indexes by a substantial margin. And that on a 12-month basis, the Russell 2000 has given us 86% returns versus the Nasdaq’s 59%… 

Roger doesn’t think it’s giving up its ghost just yet, for a lack of a better phrase. 

And the bottom line is Roger has five favorite small-cap stocks he wants his subscribers to see. He’s giving away three of them now, and the other two in a later video. So be sure to check back soon for that second update. 

If you have any favorite small-cap stocks he didn’t mention in today’s video, be sure to share them in the comments section below. 

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