The Most Popular Stocks Hedge Funds Are Holding in 2021

Everyone who follows us knows we look at special quarterly reports called 13F forms that are filed with the SEC by large institutions and hedge funds.

These 13F filings are released about a month after each quarter ends, but then it takes me some time to make heads or tails of it. 

For those of you who are new around here, 13F filings tend to give us a blueprint of all the top hedge fund stocks. So that includes all of the things they’re buying, selling and holding… even how many trades they have long or short. 

So now we’re able to tell what exposure there is to large positions. 

But what we look at are all of the positions the fastest-gaining funds — whether they’re doing great or not — have in common. So we take the top hedge fund stocks and put them in order for you. 

And depending on how you interpret the latest filings, we might have some bad news for you guys this time…

The Top Hedge Fund Stocks for 2021

Large hedge funds tend to have their pulse on the stock market more often than not. But this time, we think they’re completely off. 

What stocks have we been talking about the past few months? 

We’ve been telling anyone who’d listen to start buying boring Industrials, basic Materials, Financials and even some Energy names. 

We mean, Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (NYSE: FCX), an American mining company based in Phoenix, Arizona, has been our favorite stock for a while now! we’ve even alerted our VIP and Precisions Profit members to get in on it with us. 

We’ve been steering traders away from hardcore tech stocks, and away from FAANG names these reports are telling us the big hedge funds are buying. 

Now we’re not trying to pat our self on the back, but it pays to listen to us sometimes because most of these top hedge fund stocks are performing a lot worse than the ones we’ve been targeting. 

There’s usually a ton of great news to report, like how our picks match theirs.

But they don’t this time… 

Check out our short video below and let’s go over these top hedge fund stocks so we can get a better grasp of what’s happening, and plan our next move ahead! 

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