2 Travel Stock Plays to Bank on Pent-up Demand

Roughly half of our nation’s total population has gotten at least one COVID-19 shot  — about 165 million people — as of the end of May. And over the long holiday weekend, travel numbers spiked, hitting pre-pandemic levels. 

That’s impressive…

So we get why everyone’s been asking us for travel stocks banking on pent-up demand. 

What we mean is that all of the signs are pointing to a busy summer, and sentiment always precedes future changes in the price of stocks because the market is forward-looking. So it anticipates most things ahead of time. 

And WealthPress Senior Strategist Roger Scott found two travel stocks that stand to profit most…

2 Travel Stocks Banking on Pent-up Demand

Domestic travel is becoming somewhat normalized again. More and more people are willing to stay in hotels, crowds are no longer something to run away from, and people are starting to conduct face-to-face business again. 

So it only makes sense that the first travel stock banking on pent-up demand is Travel + Leisure Co. (NYSE: TNL)

It’s an American timeshare company based in Orlando, Florida, that offers vacation experiences and travel inspiration to its owners, members and subscribers. 

TNL’s one-year return is 97.56%, and it has a market cap of $5 billion. 

Sentiment toward travel and leisure is strengthening, and these travel stocks make great bets for investors as people make up for lost vacations. 

We have a price target of about $80 per share on TNL over the next 10 weeks if both the leisure and vacation industries continue to gain momentum. 

Which we anticipate they will. 

So check out Roger’s short video below and let’s talk all about the travel stocks banking on pent-up demand this summer. And be sure to share your thoughts on them or any other picks you have your eye on in the comments section at the bottom of this page. 

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