How We’re Trading Week’s Juiciest Earnings Plays — MSFT and TSLA

It’s a big, BIG week for earnings… And there’s some bullishness in the market to get things started Monday morning. 

Meanwhile, it’s looking more and more like the Federal Reserve is looking to dial back its interest rate hiking spree to just quarter-point hikes at the next two meetings — with a 99% chance for a 0.25% hike at the Feb. 1 meeting’s conclusion — down from the 0.5% we’ve been getting.

The lack of suspense is good for the market and if it were up to me, Wall Street would move on from this inflation and interest rate scenario and back to what matters… 

Earnings and fundamentals. 

The problem for stock picker’s like myself is I like to put on stock-specific trades. But when the Federal Reserve dominates the headlines, you get these big macro waves that doesn’t allow stocks to really stick out because they’re so index- and market-bound. 

The Fed comes out dovish, everything rips higher at once… The Fed is hawkish, and the entire market is crushed. 

This makes things a lot more difficult for stock pickers like myself because it’s hard for individual stocks to stick out when everything is either crushed or shooting to the moon on every headline out of the Fed.

But I think that’s all coming to an end soon. Maybe even starting with this earnings season… And this is a busy week!

On this week’s edition of Crush the Open, we covered earnings plays on Tesla, Microsoft and others, so check out the video up top!

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